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LA GIRONDA - Brachetto d'Acqui - Piedmont, Italy


Very charming sparkling pale red colour with soft violet hues. With creamy mousse and bright aromas of blueberry, raspberry and sweet cherry. The typically aromatic Brachetto grape bouquet, has a light musky scent with hints of rose. Sweet and sapid, with good structure and length. This dessert wine is soft and round with notes of raspberry and candied cherry on the close.

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The family history of Susanna Galandrino, winemaker at La Gironda, is inextricably linked to wine, to vines, and to the hills, where her grandparents toiled for all their lives, followed by her father in his youth.

In the year 2000, Susanna and her husband decided to go back to their roots and now she and her husband work full-time, cultivating their vineyards and producing their own wine.

Great care was taken in the choice of the vineyards, as location is an essential factor for the production of superior wines. La Gironda lies in the very heart of Monferrato, at the center of the most important and prestigious wine-making area in the Asti district, at an altitude of about 200-400 meters above sea level where the soil, the vines, the climate, the culture, and the tradition come together to express the “terroir,” one of the most important in the region of Piedmont. Nizza is the name of the town where the estate is situated, and it is now also the name of the new appellation Nizza DOCG-the area of excellence for the Barbera d’Asti (the Nizza production area is strictly limited, from the cultivation and oenological viewpoint). They also produce Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG, Piemonte DOC Sauvignon, and Monferrato DOC.

Even though La Gironda is a relatively new winery, the Azienda Agricola La Gironda has already won a whole array of awards and their wines are on all the most important Italian wine guides, as well as being appreciated on the international stage.

The winemakers cultivate and tend the 7 hectares of vines with maximum respect for the environment. They use only traditional techniques in the winery, with minimum technology, and the vines are only treated with product based on copper or sulfur, with no use of herbicides to clear the ground beneath the vines. For this and other systems that are in place, the winery has obtained the ISO14001 Certificate. This commitment on the part of the estate reflects its drive towards product excellence and environmental sustainability.

The aim of the winemakers is to produce the best wine they can in the simplest, most natural way possible so that it is the true expression of where they live and work: Nizza, the heart of Piedmont!

Wine facts


La Gironda


750 ml

Average Age of Vines:

290 meters above sea level


55 hl

Harvest Method:

Average yield per hectare: 55 hectolitres The completely ripe grapes are picked during the first ten days of September and placed in crates weighing about 20 Kg each.

Fermentation and Maceration:

Brachetto grapes are softy pressed and the must remains in contact with the skins for 24/48 hours, then it’s decanted and conserved at 0 degrees, to impeach the fermentation. Then fermentation in autoclave at a controlled temperature till 5,5/6 % alc. by vol. During the fermentation there is the natural production of CO2 that is the little bubbles we find in this first-class wine. It has a very charming pale red colour with soft violet hues. There is the typically aromatic Brachetto grape bouquet, a light musky scent with hints of rose and wild strawberries. Its taste is sweet, sapid, recalling the fruity character of the fragrance, with good structure and length.

Malolactic Fermentation:












Grape Varietal:




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