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TERRA MATER "PASO DEL SOL" - Sauvignon Blanc, Chile


This Sauvignon Blanc is a pale greenish yellow colour with a complex nose dominated by attractive herbal and citrus notes. These are well accompanied by some touches of white peaches, herbal tones and tropical fruits. The palate has a medium body that is tasty and fresh with a pleasant balance and a long aftertaste.

Vintage in image may vary. Refer to wine facts for current vintage.

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INFO: In 1996, at an age when most people are thinking of retiring, the 3 Canepa sisters, - Gilda, Edda and Antonieta-, responding to their passion for the production of fine wines which has been part of their family’s life since the 1930’s, and decided to link their well established vineyard holdings to a state-of-the art, brand new winery. This decision marked the founding of TerraMater.

The name TerraMater tells us a lot about the company itself. This is a company which was born from exceptional lands, covered by noble and well established vines that are up to 70 years old, and marvelous olive groves with thick trunks and beautiful green leafage, with more than 50 years, which produce the very best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can also find apple orchards, which bear their abundant fruit during the summer months.

TerraMater represents the perfect combination of traditional Chilean top quality winemaking practices, the search for innovation and the concern to achieve the very best our vineyards can deliver, through the creation of wines which truly pay homage to the generosity of our Mother Earth.

Wine facts


TerraMater S.A.


750 ml

Sustainably Farmed:


Harvest Method:

Standard planting vines. Drip and flood irrigation, deficit controlled regime. Careful viticultural management searching for a slow ripeness and fresh fruit flavours.

Fermentation and Maceration:

Distemmed and crushed grapes were pressed under inert gases. Cold settled Selected yeast. Strict temperature controlled fermentation at 14 –15°C. The wine was maintained in contact with the lees (sur lies) for some weeks. Filtration through membrane 0.45 μ. Cold Stable, Protein Stable





Grape Varietal:

Sauvignon Blanc



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