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ORAVA - Ron Dominicano Reserva Especial

ORAVA - Ron Dominicano Reserva Especial

The Ron Dominicano ORAVA is produced from sugarcane which is grown to 100% in the Dominican Republic, it is then distilled on the spot in a copper column still and then also aged there in drums of American White Oak.

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RETAIL $120.00 CLUB MEMBER $99.00


Maison JOUFFE: Laurent Jouffe is the heir of a great family tradition of distillation. He is the descendant of a filiation of farmers, distillers from father to son, whose origins have already been traced back to 1850. Concerned about to honor his lineage and to perpetuate the family tradition, finally for the sake of fine and rare spirits, Laurent JOUFFE is naturally attached to the practice of distillation and the production of high quality spirits, whose eaux-de-vie he has been crafting since many years.

Wine facts

Label Notes:

(FRENCH) Les Ron bruns ORAVA sont de subtils assemblages d'eaux de vie vieillies plusieurs annees. Les Ron ORAVA, font le choix d[une grande purete et d'une elaboration soignee, aui laisse s'exprimer les eaux de vie. S'en degagent des aromes elegants, fruites, flueris et aubtilement sucres, rappelant la noix de cocom la vanille avec une pointe de cannellem de snotes de druits de la passion, de bois exotiaues et d'epices delicats. Complexe, intense et gourmand




min 8 years









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