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MONASTERIO DE LAS VINAS "Gran Reserva" - Carinena, Spain

MONASTERIO DE LAS VINAS "Gran Reserva" - Garnacha, Tempranillo, Carinena - Carinena, SPAIN

Bold and complex. A superb Blend of garnacha, tempranillo and cariñena, with lots of tannins. A glass-coating opaque purple colour it has greater density and grip than the Reserva cuvee. With layers of ripe, sweet and juicy dark plum and cherry fruit. Well balanced, with nice medium acidity. Aromas of subtle oak add to this intensely satisfying wine. 
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Between 1950 and 1967, Cariñena District saw the setting up in various municipal areas of the following co-operatives: Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Villanueva de Huerva, San Roque de Alfamén, San José de Aguarón, and San Bernabé de Cosuenda, in addition to the Sociedad Agraria de Transformación de Cariñena (Cariñena Agro-Transformation Company).

Maintaining the philosophy of combining individual efforts to create more powerful business structures, in 1997, GRANDES VINOS Y VIÑEDOS, S.A., was founded with an innovative business model in the winemaking sector. Its equity capital was drawn from the five cooperatives, the Government of Aragon through the Aragonese Promotion Institute (Instituto Aragonés de Fomento), and the two principle banks in Aragon: Grupo Ibercaja and Bantierra. This new company involved wide-ranging restructuring of the business, most importantly the creation of a new Board of Directors.

Its mission is to make vine cultivation in Cariñena sustainable and profitable, bringing together a third of the total production of the Denomination of Origin and setting as growth strategy its development in Export Markets and the Client as the main priority upon which focus is to be maintained, adapting to changes and anticipating them in order to set the lead.

Since the very beginning, GRANDES VINOS has set its strategic foundations on quality, innovation, and commitment to the surroundings and the environment. It has invested in modernity, in new work systems and better control of all processes; from the vine to the bottle; creating singular wines of great character that are unique to the area.
At the heart of the interest groups are the over 700 families of winegrowers that belong to the Co-operatives and who work in the vineyards every day as their way of life, and who have accumulated several generations' worth of experience and knowledge unique in the world.

Wine facts

Label Notes:

Fine ruby red color that’s beginning to show some garnet reflections. Elegant aromas of red currants, tobacco and eucalyptus pervade the nose. Full body and intense flavors of cherries, red currants and balsamic touches. The finish is long and enjoyable. Pairs well with roasted

Total Production:

300,000 bottles


Marcelo Morales


Grandes Vinos


750 ml

Average Age of Vines:

40 years old

Average Vineyard Altitude:

600-800 meters


Total Production of the winery 25,000,000 bottles

Harvest Method:



2 years on the barrel, 3 years on the bottle









Grape Varietal:

Carinena, Garnacha, Tempranillo