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LES FUMEES BLANCHES - Sauvignon Blanc - Languedoc, France

LES FUMEES BLANCHES "Cotes de Gascogne" - Sauvignon Blanc - Languedoc, FRANCE

Bright pale yellow color with hints of green. On the nose, there is an alchemy blending notes of citrus (grapefruit, orange zest), tropical fruits and notes of white flowers. The palate is elegant, with a nice balance between a fresh structure associated with the sweetness intense aromas of Sauvignon Blanc. This wine pairs well with most seafood and are excellent as an Aperitif. 

Vintage in image may vary. Refer to wine facts for current vintage.

RETAIL $35.00 CLUB MEMBER $26.90


We are selecting the vineyards that are more adapted to Sauvignon grapes in four different regions : Languedoc, Gers, Tarn and the Charentes.

Wine facts

Total Production:

4000-5000 vines/ha


François Lurton SA


François Lurton SA


750 ml

Average Age of Vines:

10-15 years

Average Vineyard Altitude:

The 2015 harvests were characterized by fairly intense weather conditions. In the Languedoc-Roussillon, the winter was milder than usual, but less sunny. Spring arrived two weeks early a. After a sunny summer and two heat waves, the harvest was slightly early for the white grapes, in optimal conditions. High temperatures led us to increase the frequency of ripeness testing for the white grapes, in order to pick them at the aromatic peak, with the optimal balance between acidity, and sugars. This year the balance of the white grapes should result in more body on the mid-palate. This vintage will undoubtedly be characterized by the nature of the terroir. The grape varieties will move into the background, making way for the expression of the soil and the weather conditions that brought them to maturity.


4,000-5,000 vines/ha


60-70 hl/ha.

Harvest Method:

Machine (between 4 and 9 am) after tasting the grapes.

Fermentation and Maceration:

Maceration with the skins (8-12 hours). Pressing. Racking. Cold stabulation (8/10°C) for a few days - Reincorporation of filtered fine lees. Addition of yeast.

Malolactic Fermentation:

Fermentation between 16-18°C.


On fine lees for a few weeks. Assembling and filtering.









Grape Varietal:

Sauvignon Blanc



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