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33CL VERDUS - Sauvignon Blanc - Blanche Wheat Beer

VERDUS Blanche Wheat Beer - Sauvignon Blanc - Bordeaux, FRANCE

Selected with best barley malts and hops, this unique beer is made with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice. Fresh, spicy and fruity with intense flavor of citrus, typical to Sauvignon Blanc, this wheat beer shows a great character.



The brand was newly created in 2016, based at the family Bordeaux winery Château Le Grand Verdus. Partner craft-brewery being located in South-West of France.

Château Le Grand Verdus has a wine heritage dating back to 1810 in Bordeaux with the finest grapes grown in their own vineyards. This unique beer skilfully blends the winery's passion for brewing with their knowledge of wine, combining the best malted barley and hops with the intense flavour of the Sauvignon Blanc grape to produce a Wheat Beer with a smooth balance of Grape and Hop... Cheers!... or Sante as they say at the Vineyard!

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