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75CL - KERISAC Cidre Doux - Apple - Bretagne, FRANCE

KERISAC Cidre Doux - Apple - Bretagne, FRANCE

The Kerisac “Cuvee Speciale” sweet is a traditional French Cider, made with 100% of French apples carefully selected in our own orchards in Britanny. Kerisac Cidre Doux presents a beautiful blend of bright colours with fine and light bubbles. It offers subtle aromas of ripe apple, pear and fresh autumn fruits. Kerisac Cidre Doux is perfect on its own as an aperitif, and can also be paired with sweet-sour meals, fresh fruits and desserts.



Golden rule of business, its production method respects the usages established by experience: the extraction of juice for making cider by crushing and pressing apples. This method of manufacture and strict controls give the entire range of products Kerisac a unique quality, regularly awarded at the Concours Général Agricole (CGA). In addition, the Kerisac manufacturing process is in the interest of naturalness and respect for the environment.

Since the early 2000s, Kerisac range of products have been regularly accredited by the Accreditation Committee of "Produced in Brittany". This association created in 1993 is composed of more than 300 Breton companies that employ 10,000 employees. It mobilizes serving businesses to promote their know-how, the quality of their products and contribute to the development of the Brittany region. (For more information about this association you can click on the logo)

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