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GRIGNANO - Chianti Rufina - Tuscany, Italy

GRIGNANO CHIANTI RUFINA - Sangiovese, Canaiolo - Tuscany, ITALY

An organic certified red wine. Intense ruby red colour. Good complexity nose of red fruits and light spicy notes. Very good structure, ripe tannins, excellent drinkability.

Vintage in image may vary. Refer to wine facts for current vintage.



Fattoria di Grignano born in the 15th century under the Marquis Gondi of Florence and covers nowadays 600 hectares including 47 farms, each one characterized by its own history and architectural style.

Dedicated to the production of Chianti Rufina, Fattoria di Grignano represents tradition, culture, linked to the territory and blended with the most advanced technology. The Company policy is dedicated to the production of high level wines complying with the identity of the vines and the geographical area where they are obtained. The high quality of the grapes is fundamental to work from the beginning of the process, and through the different steps to the bottling, with a reduced content of sulphites, well below the legal limits contained in the specification document for organic production and in fact, since 2012 all our wines are certificated as Organic.

Wine facts

Label Notes:

The label represents the Marquis Henry II Gondi of Florence, the first owner of Fattoria di Grignano. In the XV century the farm of Grignano belonged to the Medici family. At the time, the pope Alessandro VI Borgia was a very close enemy of them and when the he excomunicated the Medici family, in those years a very serious measure for the prestige of every Royal family, Henry II Gondi intermediated between them and succeeded to cancel the excomunication. For this help, the Medici family donated the farm of Grignano to him and he became the first owner of the estate which nowadays is our Company.

Total Production:

About 80,000 bottles


Ms Barbara Tamburini


Fattoria di Grignano


750 ml

Average Age of Vines:

13 years

Average Vineyard Altitude:

250/350 meters above sea level


5,000 plants/ha


7,000 kg/ha

Sustainably Farmed:

Organic Certificated

Harvest Method:

Both Manual and Mechanize



Fermentation and Maceration:

In stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature

Malolactic Fermentation:

In cemented vats


12/15 months in French oak barrels (1.800 Lt)







Grape Varietal:

Canaiolo, Sangiovese



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