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ANDRE GOICHOT - Chardonnay - AOC Bourgogne

ANDRE GOICHOT - Chardonnay - Burgundy, FRANCE

Chardonnay is a native grape variety of Burgundy. It perfectly matches the terroir, poor soils or calcareous marl, perfect exposure but a temperate climate. As a result the sugar content can reach a high level whilst maintaining a balance of fruit and acidity. The Bourgogne Chardonnay has aromas of cut limes and grapefruit. These concentrated flavours of citrus fruit are well-balanced with bracing acidity on the palate.

Vintage in image may vary. Refer to wine facts below for current vintage.

RETAIL $40.00 CLUB MEMBER $29.90


Founded in 1947 close to Meursault, this thriving family company took a great step forward in 2000 by building new premises near Beaune. "Even though our eyes are turned towards the future, we have a deep respect for tradition." A careful tasting and selection of each wine has been carried out by André Goichot himself.

The whole harvest is vinified, matured, bottled and marketed at André Goichot winehouse. This success story bears witness to André Goichot’s commitment in creating a future for the company.

Wine facts

Label Notes:

Maison Andre Goichot, founded in 1947, has always been renown for their selection of Burgundy wines. These wines, mainly from Pinot Noire and Chardonnay grapes, show all the characteristics of wines from the Burgundy region.

Total Production:

1800 bottles


Andre Goichot


Andre Goichot


750 mL

Average Age of Vines:

25 - 30 YEARS

Average Vineyard Altitude:

350 m

Fermentation and Maceration:

Vinified in pneumatic press. "Débourbage": decanting of white wine to reduce sediment.


In stainless-steel vats for 7 to 8 months.





Grape Varietal:




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