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FILICHETO - Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Italy

CASTELLANI FILICHETO DOCG - Nobile di Montepulciano, Tuscany, ITALY 

Ruby red colour tending to garnet with ageing. Characteristic bouquet, delicate with notes of violets and typical aromas of tobacco and leather. Great tannins on the palate, dry and harmonious. Food pairings Ideal with all Mediterranean dishes, roast, game meat and spicy cheese. Serve at room temperature. Story and curiosity The origin of Vino Nobile goes back to the 17th century, when it was defined The King of Tuscan Wines (Francesco Redi, Bacco in Toscana). Doubtlessly drunk and appreciated by aristocrats and gentlemen (hence its name) this wine has transcended its fame to modern times. In the last 15 years (it was given the D.O.C.G. in 1980), Castellani took part to the renewal of the excellence of this wine, thanks to increased financial energies and up-dated philosophy. The improved vineyard management and modernization in the cellars have elevated the quality level of our Vino Nobile. Today it is considered one of the most prestigious red Italian wines.

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The key to making wine in the third millennium. Quality and Sustainability Energy - 100% of energy we use is from renewable resources NDV certified. Castellani follows a “Zero Waste” program recycling all possible waste and purifying polluted water. Environmently Appropriate - 100% of paper we use for our label is FSC certified and is produced from raw material obtained throught a responsible management of world’s forest.

Socially Beneficial - Since 2003 our Vineyards host an official program of ethical and rehabilitative agricolture. Biological Vineyards - 100% of our vineyars are biologically certified or in transition to Biological Agriculture. Castellani substain an important project of Byodinamic production. Certified Quality of Production Process - Our production process is constantly monitored to comply the higher standards of quality: ISO 9001:2008, IFS, BRC. Scientific Research - In our vineyards we host official research programs on germplasm preservation aim to develop strategies and technologies to preserve plant genetic in ex situ gene banks.

Wine facts

Label Notes:

Handpicking and strict adherence to Tuscan tradition make the Nobile among the region ’s finest wine. The fragrance is complex and intense with dried fruit, violets and hint of oak. In the mouth , our Nobile is warm and generous, with toasted almonds, oak and spice. This dry red is magnificent with roasts, game meats and your favorite hearty pasta dishes

Total Production:



Sabino Russo


Castellani spa


750 mL

Average Age of Vines:

18 years

Average Vineyard Altitude:

300 mt


4500 vines per hecter

Sustainably Farmed:


Harvest Method:

We follow the traditional vinification methods: completely mature grapes are harvested from vineyards and processed in membrane presses.

Fermentation and Maceration:

Fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures with a prolonged maceration with the skins.

Malolactic Fermentation:



Minimum ageing period is 24 months in traditional Tuscan casks









Grape Varietal: