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CASAL MENDES - Rose - Portugal


Light pink, refreshing and fruity Rosé, bursting with aromas, nuances pineapple and banana. Good acidity, which gives it a great freshness and balance.

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Aliança was founded in 1927, over 80 years ago, by 11 associates led by Domingos Silva and Ângelo Neves, in Sangalhos (Anadia’s county), Bairrada region.The company started its activity by exporting to Brasil, África and Europe, representing, nowadays more than 50% of Aliança’s clientele. Aliança is proud of their quality wine, sparkling wine and brandy not only available in Portugal but in the 60 countries they export to.

Represented in the main wine regions of the country, Aliança's main goal is to achieve the highest quality possible. The company has several estates and around 600ha of land in regions including Alentejo, Douro, Dão, Bairradas and Beiras, exploring around 600 ha of winery.

The investment in production areas, with the acquisition of the estates and the modernization of the cellars allowed for the increased level of vinification. It also allowed for the purchase of high quality oak barrels, to be used in the wine aging.

Aliança breathes tradition while incorporating modern techniques Aliança has grown and has been developing a modern strategy on several levels, from product to distribution, as well as wine tourism.In 2007, Commander José Berardo acquired Aliança’s major capital, and made it part of Grupo Bacalhôa.

The social designation of Caves Aliança S.A. was modified to Aliança Vinhos de Portugal S.A. In March 2008, the institutional image was changed and the brand Aliança Vinhos de Portugal started to be distributed by Viborel Distribuição S.A. in the national market.

Recently Aliança made large investments in wine tourism by remodeling the facilities in Sangalhos. Aliança has an excellent tour circuit that shows the passion and patience that goes into making sparkling wine. Guests can visit the different stages of fermentation in the tunnels, breathe in the smell of oak near the impressive amount of barrels, and end the tour with a stop by the traditional brandy cellars.

Aliança wines includes Quinta dos Quatro Ventos, Quinta da Garrida, Quinta da Terrugem and Quinta das Baceladas. Aliança has won several awards, nationally and internationally, and in 2005 Wine Spectator listed them as one of the 20 best wine companies in the sector worldwide, being the only winery in Iberian Peninsula to be included.

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