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Uncorking the Wine Connection Story: "LIBERTY"

Uncorking the Wine Connection Story: "LIBERTY"

At Wine Connection,

“We believe you should drink whichever wine you feel like. Forget about following the rules”.

This week, we’re uncorking our story of ‘LIBERTY’. Our brand video features Vincent Fabre, the CEO and owner of Domaines Fabre.

Domaines Fabre, a French winery owned by Vincent, is a family-owned estate found in Haut-Medoc neighbouring Bordeaux. Domaines Fabre exports as much as 80% of their production to over 30 countries worldwide allowing Vincent and his team to reach a vast range of people and cultures. Their estate ensures that wine growing, vinification, ageing, bottling and direct sales are done in France and abroad, something which only a few estates have achieved.

Vincent’s business objective is not to sell as much wine as possible, but instead to look into selling wine in the best way for the long run. He says it’s important to be cautious about the people you are working with, knowing who sells your wine, where they are sold at and for what price. Vincent focuses on working with businesses that enable more face to face interactions to develop a strong, like-minded working relationship. Such reasons demonstrate his pride of working alongside Wine Connection for the last 3 years and counting! He understands our core expertise through our range and quality of our worldly wines that require an immense amount of time and training.

Vincent explains it’s important to have a broad range of wine, spanning from very affordable wines to more iconic wines. Having this balance, combined with the cultural diversity of wine origins, demonstrates the level of wine expertise, something he clearly sees in Wine Connection. This perfectly exudes ‘Liberty’, which empowers each and every one of us to taste any wine of our choice.

There are no rules with wine, as Vincent tells us to take it easy, even if you lack the knowledge. All you have to do is pour a glass and taste it, and you can continue if you like it or move onto another if you don’t. The ball is in your park, you choose your path, and it’s that simple! In the process, liberty helps enrich your expertise through your wine adventure.

Lastly, Vincent tells us that there are thousands upon thousands of wine all over the world, however, our lifetime doesn’t give us enough time to taste them all. But there’s really nothing to worry about, “Take it easy, don’t be shy, just try!”

So are you feeling inspired or liberated?

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A toast to Malbec World Day! Have a Toast and Save the Earth

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