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Celebrate Pinot Noir Day and learn about the particularities of Pinot Noir!

Celebrate Pinot Noir Day and learn about the particularities of Pinot Noir!

August 18 is the official day to drink one of the most-loved red wines! Pinot Noir is one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. From Burgundy (France) to California (USA), let’s go on a journey to Old World and New World Pinot Noir expressions!

The particularities of Pinot Noir: “velvet and satin in a bottle”!

Pinot Noir is the world's most popular light-bodied red wine with a pale colour and a high level of acidity. Although it has a light texture and soft tannins, the wine is complex with a tremendous and subtle range of aromas such as red to dark cherry, plum, gooseberry, green bell pepper or violets.

Pinot Noir is one of the more ancient grape varieties in the wine history. Pinot noir grapes are grown around the world, mostly in the cooler climates, and the grape is often associated with the Burgundy region of France (its birthplace). This grape varietal is the most sensitive to the notion of terroir. The best example is in Burgundy area with 84 different terroirs (or Appellations) so 84 expressions of Pinot Noir!

From France to New-Zealand...

Like a lot of other grapes varieties, Pinot Noir travelled the wine world.
Today you can taste French Pinot Noir for sure but also Californian or Kiwi Pinot. Due to winemaking process and climate styles they could be totally different.

Old World Style

Delicate style with gooseberry notes, firm and elegant tannins.

Pinot Noir from Old World are able to age more than 10 years even with a light structure, due to winemaking process with the entire grapes (partly/ entirely destemmed) and aged in 2 or 3 year old oak barrels.

New World Style:

Fruit forward with very ripe flavours such as a dark cherry, blackcurrant with a woody style due to aging in new oak barrels.

Globally New World Style is 'heavier' than Old World: with more concentration because of winemaking (more extraction from grape solids, skins, pips and sometimes stems) so finally richer. And the level of alcohol content is often higher due to hotter climate, although Pinot Noir thrives in cool climate.

Food pairing

Pinot Noir is very versatile when it comes to food pairing.

Classic pairing is with Duck Confit, as well as chicken and poultry similar to Chianti Classico Riserva pairing, but salmon and other fatty fish works well too, or creamy dishes such as risotto as the goal is to balance the high acidity and firm tannins.

Fun Facts:
- Pinot Noir is the main grape variety for the Romanee-Conti, dubbed one of the greatest wines of the world and the most perfect, as well as the most expensive of Burgundy costing SGD 24,000 per bottle on average!
- All the Pinot (Gris, Grigio, Noir, Meunier or Teinturier) have the same DNA.
- In the 2000s, the movie 'Sideways' promoted Californian Pinot Noir and helped to popularise this grape variety.

Selection & Tasting Comments

Enjoy our special selection to celebrate Pinot Noir day in August!

Fat Bastard, Pinot Noir, LANGUEDOC, FRANCE

Color: Deep rubis color with red reflections.

Bouquet: Discreet & elegant, dry fruits notes, hints of black cherry and lovage gives some complexity.

Palate: Smooth texture on first palate, in evolution freshness and full tannins comes. Good length.

Espino by William Fevre, Pinot Noir, MAIPO, CHILE

Color: Light red rubis color.

Bouquet: Hints of liquorice and mint, surrounded by some cranberry and fresh red berries notes.

Palate: It is deeply velvety and smooth with elegant tannins. Fullness balance with a refreshing finish and hints of spices. Long and elegant length.

Overstone Pinot Noir, HAWKE'S BAY, NEW ZEALAND

Color: Black Cherry color.

Bouquet: First nose is fruit forward, green bell pepper, herbs in evolution, hints of pepperoni green beans come.

Palate: Velvety texture with hints of freshness. Elegant and rich mouthfeel with a persistent length due to a high concentration.

Buy online or head down to any one of our wine shops to find our Pinot Noir wines!

Happy Pinot Noir Day to all!


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