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A Journey to the Best Wine Regions of France

A Journey to the Best Wine Regions of France


France is one of the largest wine producers in the world, contributing between 50 to 60 million hectoliters per year. This generates 7 to 8 billion bottles, which basically sums up to a bottle for every person in the planet!

The perfect temperature of France, and diverse climate and landscape can supply wines of all kinds. ‘Terroir’ refers to a set of environmental factors associated with vineyards, and is important to French wineries as they each have their own unique differences.

Today we’ll focus on taking you into a deeper journey of some of France’s best wine regions. We’ll first be commencing our trip in the southwest, at Bordeaux, and work our way up to the northeast, at Champagne.


As one of the largest and most famous wine producing regions, Bordeaux sets the standard for the world’s wines. Its close proximity to the ocean and climatic temperate makes the wines extra special here. Most Bordeaux wines are a blend of Merlot, for its velvety richness and depth, and Cabernet Sauvignon, for its fruity flavour and body. If you’re ever curious, try a bottle of our Chateau La Rose Saint Bonnet. This Cabernet Sauvignon is dark hued with youthful highlights, and its nose is dominated by tropical scents like vanilla. A very well balanced wine we’d say!

Loire Valley

About 4 hours north from Bordeaux, the Loire Valley accommodates the crisp and flinty white Muscadet wines made to accompany their seafood. Many of its wines stay on the lees, where the dead yeast cells are left over after fermentation, absorbing more flavor and complexity. Across the river are the illustrious Pouilly Fumé vineyards. Here, the wines are all shaped by a distinctive terroir, and so is our Domaine De La Loge AOC wine. It comes in a blending of flint, marl, limestone-clay and clayey-sand, and brings out notes of exotic fruits, citruses and white flowers. A bottle worth a try!


A great white Burgundy will possibly make some of your finest drinking experiences. Its vineyards run down the picturesque valley of the river Saône, where you find the Côte de Nuits. Below it, at the Beaune region, you find the splendidly velvety Pouilly Fuissé whites. Chardonnay is used almost exclusively for the white wines and Pinot Noir for the reds. Take for instance our highly recommended Chateau Philippe Le Hardi Vielles Vignes AOC. Bright gold in colour with a white peach nose, this Chardonnay gives a supple, fresh and long-lasting mouth.


Home to the world’s most famous sparkling wine of the same name with the region is Champagne. Located in the northeast of France, Champagne lies at the edge of vineyard-growing areas, with lower average temperatures. The growing season is rarely warm enough to ripen the grapes to the levels required for standard winemaking. Amongst multiple options of champagne, we have our Champagne Ernest Rapeneau – Brut Limited Edition (Rooster), available online for a taste! What makes this bottle elegant is its high level of craftsmanship from the successful blends of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, made with fine bubbles.

That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our journey across these beautiful French regions.

Don’t forget to drop by any of our wine stores or our restaurants to make a purchase or look beyond our collection of French wines. You can also instantly make a purchase at our online store.

Au Revoir!

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